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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Bootable Recovery/Repair(?) Tool - what kind of internet connection?

There was a post in another forum stating that NBRT needs a wired internet connection for best results:

See item number 6, in this:  http://malwaretips.com/threads/antivirus-rescue-cd-usb-bootable-tools-of...

What if making a physical wire to computer WIRED internet connection is impossible because of physical restrictions on position and wirelength of equipment?  Would a wireless/wifi connection be possible?

Also, what is the proper naming:  Recovery Tool, or Rescue Tool?



Re: Norton Bootable Recovery/Repair(?) Tool - what kind of internet connection?


"Norton Bootable Recovery Tool automatically downloads the latest virus definitions from Symantec servers and uses these virus definitions to secure your computer from all types of viruses and latest security threats. If Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is enabled, virus definitions are automatically updated when your computer is connected to the Internet. Therefore, you must use an Ethernet connection to update the virus definitions in Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. You cannot update the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool virus definitions by using a wireless network connection."  <quote doc>

Anyone have newer docs.  Please update Thread

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