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Norton can't remove threats it finds

This Norton window titled Action Required pops up all the time with a list of threats that it can't remove. The only action is to rescan, but that doesn't help. When these threats were on the secondary drive in a fake email program, I just went into the listed files and deleted the contents, so then Norton gave itself credit for removing these. But now these things have invaded my real email program. I did chat with a Norton tech who removed another program but not the threats, even with the Power Eraser. This just keeps on occurring so that for each threat the status says "Remove Failed." I got really tired of having to go and remove these myself when Norton is supposed to do that. Sometimes Malwarebytes or Kaspersky (the program the tech removed but I put back) removes these, but not very many. These are mostly Trojans and JS Downloader. It is really irritating to pay for a program that is supposed to take care of these things, and then have to do it myself. The last bunch is still there because I got tired of doing that. Thanks in advance for any suggestions..
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Re: Norton can't remove threats it finds

Hi, Nscribe. You should not run two real time antivirus at the same time, as this will always cause problems as they end up fighting each other.

If you're sticking with Norton, you must remove Kaspersky using the dedicated removal tool from them, and then after rebooting, I would suggest using the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool to give you a clean installation.


If used, please run Live Update until no more are found, and then reboot.

If this doesn't work then it may be time to go to one of the free malware removal forums we recommend.

http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/ (link is external)
http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/ (link is external)
http://www.cybertechhelp.com/forums/ (link is external)
http://forums.whatthetech.com/ (link is external)
http://qmalwareremoval.freeforums.net/ (link is external)

Pick one, and stay with that expert until your system is declared clean.

Let us know how you go.

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Re: Norton can't remove threats it finds

I am well aware I shouldn't be using both these programs. But Norton hasn't done the job, even after the Norton tech recently used the Power Eraser, removed Kaspersky and did the remove/reinstall, which I have done myself several times, especially back when I had malware. Back then, Norton just gave up and couldn't even remove and/or reinstall itself. That is when I got Kaspersky on the advice of the shop where I sent it. But they didn't remove the malware successfully, because I continued to have the exact same symptoms until Malwarebytes did remove it later. Norton hasn't done much of anything even after I used the Norton tech -- just the same old-same old window. I put Kaspersky back because it does pick up some threats and quarantine them, plus remove them, so it seemed to have a better chance of working. It is due to expire next week, so it will be gone no matter what I do anyway. Norton has always been my primary AV/Security program, but in the last year hasn't seemed to keep pace with common threats. Before that I never ever had a problem it couldn't remove, so this is confusing. It hasn't been that long since I last used the Norton tech and I thought I was all set. Why isn't it removing these threats? It's not Kaspersky's fault because this was going on for a few weeks before I put Kaspersky back. I might just go remove those -- IF I can isolate them from the rest of the email. I've tried to approach it from the other end and clean out all the unwanted mail, but I get too much. Thanks for your help.

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Re: Norton can't remove threats it finds


Security programs do not work very well when they are installed on a computer which has been compromised. Your best bet is to go to one of the free malware removeal sites which will work with you on a one to one basis until your computer is clean. Once your computer is clean, then you can put Norton back on after you have removed Kaspersky using their removal tool and restarting.

If you are getting the malware from your emails, then change your password, don't open any attachments, do not click on any links in the emails. Do not open up any spam emails, just delete them.. If you do these things, it should help to keep your emails clean and at the same time help to keep your computer clean.

Remember, sometimes it's easier to keep a computer clean than it is to clean it. This statement is just from me.


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