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Norton Causes Chrome to Crash

Chrome is failing to open and connect to internet because it immediately flags up 3 balloon messages: Norton Security Toolbar; Safe Search; Identity Safe have crashed – Am instructed to click each to reload facilities BUT they don’t reload (messages visible for a second before vanishing!) I can access Chrome's dropdown menu to try removing any Norton items but most don’t open because need internet.

Have removed and reinstalled Chrome but situation is unchanged!  IE11 remains in proper working order

[Chrome is default browser for Win7 PC but don't use all Norton Security features on it because it's not as user friendly for Norton facilities as is IE11, where Identity Safe sits and is frequently used.  I use Chrome mainly for searching and blogging on Wordpress with IE11 open in parallel for access to various sites/newsfeeds]


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Causes Chrome to Crash

The above-reported event was Thurs 2nd Nov when I was working on essential material before going off-line for long weekend. On Mon 6th I reported the situation and later tried uninstalling Chrome using updated AVG Tune Up facilities instead of via Windows control panel.

Then instead of accepting Chrome's auto-request to reinstall I searched for and used Google's site to perform completely fresh installation.  Am pleased to report it worked and 3 days later problem hasn't repeated and both Chrome and Norton working as normal.

Surprised no 'techie' in this community have responded to this issue!

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