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Norton Chat Improvement Suggestion

Trying to use Norton Chat recently to discuss Norton 16 suddenly starting to lockup, I find myself listening to this dinging advertising bot called your chat window telling me something about KRACK. I'm not interested in your idea of a safe internet - you charge for your product, making it impossible to protect every computer from boot/root kits, or SPECTRE.

I called about Utilities 16, not ANTIVIRUS or Internet 365 or whatever it is...   ...your "big boogy man is out to get you" doesn't change how much money I have left after buying video games.

If I'm waiting for a Utilities 16 chat, give me information on how to find registry entries to remove guest access to directories or entire drives...    ...I don't see much improvement in buying a piece of software for an unrelated problem I can't afford to fix.

Your product can not protect against a bungled registry being mangled if your program freezes all the time.