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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Norton Clean on Mac


Used Norton Clean for the second time. I had experienced probs on first use so checked a thread in the Community to ensure I was doing things correctly.

Set it off and it analysed, then I did as the thread directed and, in the Overview window, clicked on review against the Junk Files, then clicked Done on the Review window to take me back to Clean Overview and clicked on Clean. Then, to my horror, Clean began deleting everything it had found including Duplicates and Similars!

I do not wish to delete the similars, as all the similars Clean deleted on first use of the prog (and, I now find on this second use) were single files of which I had no copy. I spent an AGE recovering them from Trash last time and putting them back where they belonged! Not amused.

Is there a way of selecting only Junk files and Duplicate files to be deleted? If there is no way to do this, and not delete Similar files (which may be similar but are NOT duplicate, but individual stand alone file), then Clean is of no use to me as I cannot keep doing what I shall now have to do for the second time and spend a considerable period recovering and restoring hundreds of files from Trash, one by one. Very unhappy.

Fingers crossed that one of you kind, knowledgable folk will be able to advise me on this.

Many thanks,



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Re: Norton Clean on Mac

You may want to turn off the Autoselect option under the Clean settings (gear to the right of the Start button).  This will prevent any automatic cleaning of Duplicate or Similar files.  Note, however, it still will automatically select Junk files for cleaning (or it did for me at least -- defect, Symantec?).


Re: Norton Clean on Mac

Many thanks. I can see that your suggestion should avoid me going through the shock-horror and then replace one off files that were deleted under the guise of "similar". That will be a help. I am still left with the fact that I would like to delete Duplicate files but do not want to delete Similar files (as all the ones selected by Norton Clean on first two uses were single, one off files and had to be recovered and replaced one by one....MBs of them!) and, as each runs into MBs, do not want to go through every single discovery.

Norton Clean seems to accept that Duplicate and Similar files found when analysing the data are not the same thing (or one assumes that they would not distinguish) but they do not seem to offer the capability to distinguish between them when it comes to cleaning, other than going through huge amounts of data item by item.

It would have been helpful to offer the capability to distinguish between Duplicate and Similar on deleting/cleaning, to list them as separate functions under Clean.

Thanks for your time and help. Greatly appreciated; I am a Luddite when it comes to this stuff!


Re: Norton Clean on Mac

I tend to agree, if you don’t want to trust autoselect, it means a lot of manual examination, or just ignoring all similar files.  Glad I could at least help somewhat.

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