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Norton Community Ranks and Levels

Hi all,

Have you ever wondered whats the number and trophy beside or under your handle in our community?

As we have transfered to the new community, the rank-r-rator is going to edit some of its policies to change a Member's rank and promote (or demote) the member to new ranks.
Also Tony has noted that Gurus will be given unmoderated image posting powers to their arsenal.
While the rank names are unchanged, the colour to rank will not be retained during transition and now each rank is associated with a level number.
The level number is displayed after the little trophy symbol [Currently its rounded red in below figure] .


Admin or Administrator is recognized by the rank name Administrator and Symantec employee  and a red badge 'Admin'.

He/she is an Employee of Norton / Symantec and is the ultimate power on Community's day to day activities. Some admins are given specific tasks or boards to look after (like Gayathri_R to beta board, Tony_Weiss to community testing etc)


A Mod/moderator is also a Norton/Symantec employee who are entitled to assist Admins in the Community. When you Flag a post as Offensive, it is undergone through review by mods or admins active at that time to do necessary changes. You can view their presence mainly as :

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Shannons is a moderator's name...

Symantec Employee:

A Symantec Employee is a person directly from Symantec development team. They assist with indepth technical knowledge and product helps. They are also experts in dealing with non product issues which may come along with the Norton product issues. The logs and dumps are forwarded to them usually upon request.
The Admins and Mods are also Symantec employees. They usually have the avatar "Norton by Symantec"


A Guru is a Norton product user and an expert in using it. He/She is reliable link to Norton / Symantec and can provide expert help to fellow Norton users.
The gurus will be identified by a skyblue badge with a star near their rank.

Here is the current level of ranks:
   Level no. > Rank name
          1 >       Newbie.
          2 >       Visitor.
          3 >       Regular Visitor.
          4 >        Contributor.
          5 >       Regular Contributor.
          6 >       Super Contributor.
          7 >       Spyware Scolder.
          8 >       Super Spyware Scolder.
          9 >        Keylogger Crusher.
          10>      Super Keylogger Crusher.
          11>      Spam Squasher.
          12>      Super Spam Squasher.
          13>      Phishing Phryer.
          14>      Super Phishing Phryer.
          15>      Virus Trouncer.
          16>      Super Virus Trouncer.
          17>      Bot Obliterator.
          18>      Super Bot Obliterator.
          19>      Rootkit Eradicator.
          20>      Super Rootkit Eradicator.
          21>      Worm Eliminator.
          22>      Super Worm Eliminator.
          23>      Trojan Terminator.
          24>      Super Trojan Terminator.
          25>      Norton Fighter.
          26>      NA
          27>     Symantec employee.
          28>     NA
          29>     NA
          30>     Administrator.


Note that the level increases when you go up in ranks.
Due thanks to Andmike and Tony_Weiss for their comments in various threads...

[As of day of posting, the forums is under maintenance and you would see not the exact ranks. You can distinguish admins and gurus by their badges]

regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!
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Re: Norton Community Ranks and Levels

Kurdos!... And many thanks, Nikhil_CV, for this detailed piece of information about something I had never fully grasped -- the real meaning of the rank structure. I now have a much better idea, but while you have your hands on the subject, would it be possible to provide some more information, for the use and benefit of the 'rank and file' like me, about how a newbie becomes a visitor, a visitor is "promoted" to contributor, to spyware scolder... and so on and so forth... I guess I wouldn't be the only one interested, or so I hope...

Well, not implying this is of paramount importance, but it could be a constructive and educational way of keeping some of us positively entertained, while the technicians are busy taking care of the really important issues with the new platform...

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Norton Community Ranks and Levels

Hi, LinYu2. Long story short, it basically works on how helpful your posts are to other users, and the more you post useful stuff, the more likely you are to rise up the rankings.

Exactly how it works, is a closely guarded secret !

Also the current rankings that are showing, do not reflect our previous ranks. Presumably, that will be corrected eventually.

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Re: Norton Community Ranks and Levels

F4E wrote:

Long story short, it basically works on how helpful your posts are to other users, and the more you post useful stuff, the more likely you are to rise up the rankings.

Exactly how it works, is a closely guarded secret !

Well, F4E, that seems almost like a trademark of Symantec's... Explaining the least 'cause the least you know, the least you question... I am NOT saying this is reality;  I'm saying this is what it frequently looks like. The "secret" you mention may be just one more case in line. I just don't know.

By the way... I just noticed I've been demoted one rank!!!...  May I have I been misbehaving lately?...

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Re: Norton Community Ranks and Levels

Hi, LinYu2. Hopefully in the fullness of time {Note- no timeframe even attempted !} we will be returned to our former ranks. Fwiw, the ranks are all over the place atm, with ranking changing almost every time you log in ! Part of the teething problems that are obviously being addressed, although rankings will no doubt be low on the list of priorities in getting this platform working as intended.

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