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Norton Core


I am interested in the Norton Core.  I was wondering if we preorder if we are notified before hand when it will be shipped in case we change our minds and want to cancel.

Right now I have a Cujo, it cost me much less, but still seems to be in the works.  Is this going to be fully functional from the get go, will you be able to set any kind of settings in it, or is it like Cujo, set it and forget it.

I was also wondering if it might include a VPN at some point.  I believe Bit Defender has a product that never really got off the ground.  Cujo's is suppose to have a VPN and I believe F-Secure's version is going to include a VPN when it is shipped out.

Also do you have beta testers already, and if not, when do you plan on possibly seeking beta testers, I would love to test it out to see how it compares to the Cujo I have.

Since your product is coming out, and I have loved all of Norton's Internet Security Products for years, what are the features that stand out from this and other type devices on the market, that make it worth the extra money, you have the bitdefender box, Cujo, F-Secure, and the Dojo which I don't know if that is still in the works or if another company purchased the rights to it and is finishing up on the concept.

I have to say, I like my Cujo but I don't love it.  It still needs a lot of work I believe, but it does catch things.  I just would like to know what make it really stand out and be different then what is out there, other than your a big company that has experience, I haven't read any features that really sound too different from the other devices.  I see you have an upload and download speed, but I could care less about that stuff, I think some of your hardware is better, but functionally, it seems to be a more expensive version of the others that are out or coming out, and so far, the reviews in my opinion are so so, and that is with someone that owns a Cujo.

My last comment, I really don't like the design, I don't know if it is just me, but it looks like it is a Christmas Ornament, or something dropping from time square.  It is unique looking, and I get that everyone wants something that looks good, but I just don't see it as looking good.  My second thought at looking at the page that I read the article on, was that the material or the color of it, made it look cheap.  Just my thoughts about it appearance.  I guess for some, it is a very modern upscale futuristic look maybe, but doesn't really fit in with my home, it would almost look out of place.  



Re: Norton Core

Hi @Mike34520

Welcome to the community. Thank you for your interest in Norton Core. We are very excited about this launch.

You can purchase Norton Core from the Norton Online Store or you can directly contact Norton Support to place your pre-order. A confirmation email will be sent once the pre-order is placed. Your Norton Core router will be shipped in summer 2017. We will update you with further details as the shipping date approaches. If you want to cancel your pre-order, you can do so by contacting Norton Core Support. If your router has already been shipped, then please refer to Norton Return and Cancellation Policies.

You can read through the features offered in Norton Core in this page. Please let me know if you have any questions, I’ll try my best to clarify them.  

Regarding conducting beta for Norton Core, I don’t have any information that I can share at the moment. However, I will definitely keep you posted when there is more information available. 

And thank you for posting your thoughts on Norton Core’s design. We really appreciate your feedback. Keep them coming. :)


Gayathri R | Norton Forums Global Community Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Norton Core

Your reply to Mike34520 answered several questions I had.  I do have another question, after the first year what will the subscription cost be?  Will it include Norton Internet Security in the subscription?  Like Mike34520 I have used Norton products for years.  Also I'm not crazy about the design either but I can live with it.  Thanks


Re: Norton Core

So no VPN capability yet?  I don't see anything listed on the site .  Like the deep packet inspection though....

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