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Norton Core and Apple Time Capsule

I have an Apple Time Capsule that I use for backing up my data which is connected to my modem. Would I need to disconnect that in order to set up the Norton Core? If I am able to connect the Time Capsule to the Norton Core, would I have to go to Airport Utilities to change my Time Capsule router mode settings? If so what would I need to change it to.




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Re: Norton Core and Apple Time Capsule

I have an Airport Extreme with an attached HD that I use for Time Machine backups. After installing Norton Core and connecting the Airport Extreme's WAN port to one of the Core's LAN ports , I changed the Airport Extreme to bridge mode (under the Network section of the Airport Utility) and disabled WiFi, and it continues to work for backups. Just be aware that after making this change it could take a few moments for the Apple computers to rediscover the Apple Time Capsule on the network. 


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