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Norton Core Application

I am sure that you guys are sick of hearing about this now for the CORE, but I think it is a VERY important part of managing a router.

I understand your stance on why the CORE can only be managed from a mobile platform, however, I do not agree with it.

A major selling point for the CORE is that it is supposed to avoid outside attacks on a home network. So, with that thought in mind, shouldn't the core be able to mitigate the risk of sombody trying to gain access to on my network? I am not a network guru, so I don't have all of the proper terminology to throw out there to make my point, so please bear with me...

I would think that the CORE would be smart enough to allow access to from internal IP addresses only (other 172.16.xxx.x), EXCLUDING any external IP addresses. If I need to manage my core from where I work, I have no problem using my phone to do so. However, when I am at home, I would really like the option to be able to manage my network from my comfortable computer rather than fighting with using my phone.


Kudos1 Stats

Re: Norton Core Application

Hello Nuke. This issue and many other "creature features" have been given to the development team at Norton months ago. I doubt this one will ever be added due to the core architecture of the Core router. There is a way around it as I run an Android emulator named Memu which you can get here . I have validated that the Core app for Android runs and does so without issue.


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Re: Norton Core Application

I figured that if they haven't added it by now, it probably wasn't coming...just thought that I would throw my hat in the ring for wanting that feature as well.

Thanks for the insight!

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