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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Core Problem

Continue to have problem with Norton Core dropping everything.  I worked with call in service did everything told,  went to trouble and cost of replacing all my cables and still I suffer drops.  I can unplug the Core power wait 10 sec and replug it and things will work well for a day or two.  I do have the latest software installed which helped, was happening constantly and now every few days.  

I love Norton and have been with you years.  I like the Core when it works,  but this is getting old.  Honestly I feel it is a problem with your software.  

Reviewing other customer comments tell me it is not just me and since my old router did not have this problem the Norton Core is the problem.  I changed because of the security promise but if the router does not work it is not helping me ?????????????????????

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Re: Norton Core Problem

Hello Chileray Change your DNS setting on Core to ISP and allow the Core to reboot. Let us know if that helps your situation. Core cloud services are still having issues although the Norton team are working on the issues.


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Re: Norton Core Problem

Never replace cables in a situation like that.  Norton is trying desperately to blame anything and everything else for their poor decisionmaking and substandard router that is Core.  If they used the resources they use to try and shift blame on actually fixing the problem it likely would have been fixed by now.  Use Google or your ISP's DNS servers because Norton's servers are obviously compromised and they don't seem to be any rush to fix them.

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