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Norton Crypto Conflicting Information

I recently started using Norton Crypto and I am finding the implementation to be half-baked and confusing.   For example, the information presenting in the Windows side app does NOT match what is presented in crypto info page (which you get to by clicking on the "How does this work" link in the Windows side mining app).

Several issues:

(1)  Crypto mining is not shown as one of my services when I log into my account on  I only seem to be able to find this online if I click the "How does it work" link in the Windows side Crypto mining app.

(2)  Hash rate info between the Windows side app and crypto mining page does not match.  Online page generally reports higher hash rate although there are also times when online page says mining is idle when Windows side app says it is active.

(3)  While the online crypto status page shows I have a balance in my Norton wallet based on mining to date, the Windows side app shows a zero Norton Wallet balance, and has been showing a green ring for days now saying "Paying Out:  <X>  Etherium ~ <$Y>.

Are others seeing these inconsistencies/issues?  Is Norton aware?




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Do you realize you are burning up your computer for a few cents, while they make a few cents on the margin from your work?


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Few cents ? a 2070 super  makes like $3.00 a day


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Honestly my computer will pay for itself with mining so Im very ok "burning" it when it will also be out of date in 5 years.


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It won't hurt it if you dust it out and maybe get a new fan.

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We are aware of your points and working on solutions to optimize the entire experience.

To address the issues on this thread:

1) We are working on changes that will standardize the Crypto experience in both the endpoint and portal via the tiles you see for other features. This should address the missing navigation you are seeing so it will be a bit more seamless instead of having to click from the client.

2) We are aware of this and completely re-designed the sync solution for the MH rate. In the next client release we will start to use the performance snapshots from the endpoint so they will match but there will always be a delay in the portal however the numbers should be far more accurate at a given time.

3) If you could provide me a screenshot on this item I would be happy to look into this issue.


Re: Norton Crypto Conflicting Information


Thank you for the additional information and follow-up. 

Shortly after my initial post, the Windows side crypto mining app changed and got a different UI.  Before it showed a yellow circular progress bar while mining that would turn green once a mining pass completed such that a payout to Norton wallet was to occur.  With the prior UI, it got stuck with the green ring for days now saying "Paying Out:  <X>  Etherium ~ <$Y>.  I cannot screen shot that now since the app has changed and the UI is different.   Fortunately though, after this recent UI update the Windows side is in sync with the web based page in terms of showing my Norton wallet balance.

I do see a lag of several minutes between mining starting on the Windows app before that is reflected on the web based page.   The hash rate info is off significantly between the two.  For example, right now my Windows side app says mining is running with 34.9MH/s but the web base page says that mining is running with a 17MH/s rate.  

I look forward to the additional updates to add a Crypto mining tile to the portal page and better synchronize status between the Windows side client and web based portal page.

Thank you

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