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Norton deep scan does not complete.

MAC running Monterey.  Was using Safari on Schwab site.  Got dropped.  Could not reconnect.  Went to Chrome to connect.  Got popup windows and voice telling me Microsoft had determined I had virus and I would not be allowed to reconnect until I clicked on a provided link so MS could clear the virus and if I didn't my PC would be inactivated.  Sophisticated attack. Attempted to run Norton 360 scans.  Quick Scan came back clean.  Deep scans will not complete and give a scan error after about 979,000 files on my MAC drive (with about 2TB available) and no scan on attached drives.  Tried Norton's suggestions online of rebooting, doing a live update, rebooting and doing another deep scan.  To no avail all come back with "scan error" prior to completion, with Norton screen telling me my computer is at risk with Security, Scans, and LiveUpdate areas showing in red.  Went online to Norton website.  Chat with description of problem was never answered although the chat site showed I was 1 in the que.