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Norton Desktop Pop up Ads

Is there a way to turn off or opt out of the annoying Norton ads that often open on my desktop? Some are frankly alarming. Big red warning banners immediately make you think you have a virus. Warnings about wifi threats with offers to secure my phone ( I don't have a smartphone). Requests to turn on automatic renewal of my subscription etc.

I'd just like the option not to have these pop ups please. It's bad enough in my browser but at least I can leave the web page. MY desktop is MY space - Norton is starting to get invasive and that's a pity. I think Norton does a great job and I have been using it for years but I preferred it when Norton worked quietly and efficiently in the background. Please don't be so pushy.

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Re: Norton Desktop Pop up Ads

Hi Ausbro,

From the main page of your Norton Product,  select Settings > Administrative Settings > Special Offers Notification > OFF > Apply and see if that helps any.


Re: Norton Desktop Pop up Ads

Thank you so much. Didn't see that. I expect all will be well again now


Re: Norton Desktop Pop up Ads

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