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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton DNS servers not blocking pornographic sites anymore

i have BSNL broadband ADSL internet configured on my Dlink wifi modem and have been using since 5 yrs.

recently i have been using  Norton Dns and since a year and it was nicely working and blocking porn content. but suddenly since last month its not blocking any porn sites.  

 have configured this DNS addresses inside my wifi modem settings to strictly use above norton DNS adresses and its correctly showing this adresses on my laptop internet and also on android smartphone settings. i didnt touch router settings since a year.

but i dont know why Norton connectsafe not blocking porn anymore. i opened and double checked my modem settings and its shows correct dns adresses.

i even checked my resolver.conf file on my linux OS and its showing correct Norton addresses.

is Norton servers down or  is it something with my BSNL ISP who is overriding this adresses remotely.  or is it something related to ipv6.?? 

Need your help pls to undestand this.



Re: Norton DNS servers not blocking pornographic sites anymore

ipv6 can override the DNS settings and you will not see them. I would strictly enforce IPV4 on home network. Not enough devices to ever need ipv6 at this time. 

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