Norton doesn’t understand daylight saving

Daylight Saving time recently ended on the East Coast. As soon as that happened, all of my alerts started coming at the wrong time and time monitoring started shutting off my sons’ apps at the wrong time. You can see from the screenshots that I’m getting the alerts from my sons’ iPhones at the wrong time (as evidenced by the fact that the time reflected in the email is inconsistent with the time at which it was delivered). Both children have iPhones and have their time zones properly set. But Norton keeps sending the alerts at the wrong times. It doesn’t seem to understand what Daylight Saving Time is. The product becomes unusable if it can’t handle simple time zone and EST changes. I’ve searched this forum and see numerous DST complaints dating back 10 years.


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Re: Norton doesn’t understand daylight saving

Hi MowGow,

Thanks for reaching out to the Norton Family forum.

We have made necessary changes for your children's time schedules in the backend. Could you kindly check the notifications and time monitoring now.

Norton Family is currently not handling the Daylight Savings changes, product update to handle this will be available soon.

Norton Family Team

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