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Norton doesn't detect my internet connection

Norton doesn't detect my internet connection whether its to update definitions or activate the latest version I downloaded.  My internet is fine but running a bit slow.  So far I've downloaded and ran malwarebyte, superantispyware; completed full system scans and nothing was found but tracking cookies.  I don't have any proxy settings nor were any changes made in recent history. I just finished removing Norton with the removal tool from site and reinstalling the latest version.  I'm not able to activate with my product key because Norton says I don't have an active internet connection.  I first noticed that it wouldn't connect to liveupdate 3 days ago.  And as of today I have really noticed a decrease in performance leading me to believe I've got something that isn't being detected.  I tried to manually install latest virus definitions that I downloaded from Norton's site.  Download went fine but when I attempted to install it failed every time.  Double checked to make sure it was the 64 bit ftp even tried the 32 just for fun and it was the same result.

Windows 7 home premium service pack 1 64 bit

norton 360



Re: Norton doesn't detect my internet connection

I was able to apply the updated defintions to Norton that I downloaded, but when I started full scan my pc crashed.  Rebooted and it took 2min just to load; takes usually 20-30 seconds.  Computer is screetching and barely functional.  Any other programs I can try?  If I can't get it figured out by tommorrow I'm going to reformat.  Anything I should know about reformatting before I do it?  Any feedback would be appreciated.


Re: Norton doesn't detect my internet connection

Get some assistance from one of these free malware removal forums before doing anything else.  Some infections are known to survive reformattting.  Best to find out what the problem is first.





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Re: Norton doesn't detect my internet connection

Just remember to save backups on a different hard drive of Identity Safe and your personal data files -- documents, images etc -- since formatting will destroy them.

Make sure you have copies of all your activation codes for other programs and installation media for WIndows etc etc.

You can download the latest version of Norton from a URL we can give you if you like -- tell us whether your N 360 is Standard or Premier and also if it is the Netbook version of either of those..

But wait on for any specific to N360 advice especially if you are using the free OnLine Backup -- please tell us Yes or No.


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