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Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus


My Dell Laptop (Inspiron 15 3521) is infected with a virus/malware/adware. I downloaded a game 2 weeks back from the internet which led to the problem.
Norton 360 did not detect it. I have had no problems for 3 years.

The threat:
- Whenever I open a website, upon clicking anywhere on the page leads to a new tab which starts with ad-type.google.com and then switches to tradeadexchange.com and then to some other website (ilivid, fake facebook site, some mtnl page).
- The next time I click, nothing happens for a while and the website works fine but sometime afterwards the same thing happens again.
- The infection slows down my computer and I see 100% disk usage in the taskmanager

What I have tried to rectify this problem:
- Norton 360 full scan (boot scan option somehow does not get activated - I change it to aggressive but upon restart, nothing happens)
- Norton Power Eraser
- Other adware/malware removers from the internet
- Uninstalling and Reinstalling Chrome and Internet Explorer
- Resetting settings of both browsers
- Deleting extensions and plugins of browsers
- Searching for malicious softwares/processes running in background (did not find any)
- Searching in all kinds of ways in C Drive and also in regedit (found nothing)
- Used Dell Recovery to restore factory defaults (Still the problem exists)
- Formatted C Drive and restored factory defaults from a usb pen drive (Still the problem exists)
- I can't reinstall fresh win8.1 because Dell people did not give me a backup of the original win8.1 installed on my laptop. They did give me a pen drive saying that it contains original win8.1 but today I found that it only has Dell Recovery Software.

Now I am absolutely out of options...

I think that this virus has made its way to the roots - maybe the bios or partition table. I dont think boot is affected because after formatting it should have goten erased.
I dont think my personal D Drive could automatically infect C Drive. Could it?

Please find a cure to this because I am unable to use my Laptop at all. I am scared that it would collect sensitive information like my credit card details if I shop online. And the other problem is that the system has gone so slow that sometimes it hangs and I have to shut it down.

Please find a solution and update norton to fix this problem.
I hope I have given a clear picture of this threat. Help me.

Thank You
- Nitin Arnold Victor


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Re: Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus

hi Nitin

It would seem you have downloaded a PUP with your game whilst not always malicious can do the things you mention, Norton does not usually detect PUP's due to their nature of being Potentially Unwanted rather than a malicious infection, some people actually want the program to be installed. A Malwarebytes scan will usually detect them is the users sets it to do so.

They can be troublesome to remove from a system and is something you may not wish to try however, visit one of the websites in the list helpfully provided in the thread linked below, register your problem where experienced helpers will assist you to have the program removed:


The Dell Recovery Software is actually a OEM version of Windows 8.1 supplied originally with your Laptop but will include all the programs Dell bundle with it, all pc/laptop manufacturers do this with their own programs bundled. If you run the Dell Recovery Software you will return to the original set-up on your laptop and will need to install all the programs and updates since then.

Going to one of the sites in the thread linked will be the better option.



Re: Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus

Dear Michael, thanks for replying. I did try malwarebytes - it scanned and then asked to purchase their software - but when I looked into the search results, I found only tracking cookies - I don't know whether it would remove it or not. Who knows maybe i'll end up buying their software for nothing. And actually, I want to stick only with Norton..

The other thing is that if it was a PUP, that means I am not safe from these and I might need something other than Norton360 Does Norton have any other product? Does Norton Internet Security do the job? Doesn't Norton360 provide Internet Security? Please do provide some info on this...

The question now is what do I do? That PUP left a virus which does not go even after formatting?!!! That is something really serious!!!

Thanks for sending the link to the forum. When I decided to post my problem, I just didn't know where to go... And Norton website does not have any way to write them an email...

I believe that Norton should be able to kick out such dangerous viruses...

Accepted Solution
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Re: Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus

hi Nitin

You do not have to buy Malwarebytes just refuse to try the Premium version and it doesn't really bother you again until updating the program when you can just untick the box which says try the Premium version. It is good to run Malwarebytes occasionally as it does find some PUP's you may have downloaded by accident and other things that Norton does not consider as malicious.

I usually let it remove the tracking cookies if found and asks but it will usually quarantine them so they are not on your system.

As I said before Norton will not usually stop PUP's unless they are malicious and a danger to your system, Malwarebytes takes a different view and will delete most of them.

The suggestion below is probably easier than re-installing your system.

What you appear to have is a PUP which can change your Homepage, show lots of adverts and divert searches, they are often difficult to remove so is best left to somebody who knows how to do it.

If you go to one of the websites and post as you did here somebody will answer your post and help you to remove the problem safely and completely.

Try the one I have linked below, they are very helpful and good at removing your problem:




Re: Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus

Thank you so much Michael... I will do as you say... God bless you...


Re: Norton Fails to Identify This Dangerous Virus

hi Nitin

A pleasure, do come back and let us know how you get on with the site it is useful for other users to know that you have been successful. I hope all goes well for you.


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