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Norton Familly : Impossible to unsinstall from Android


I'm still searching a valid way to make NF work on my Huawei phones. But....while searching I have issues with my already configured devices.

To re-start from scratch I would like to deinstall it from the devices (Huawei PHONES) but I can't !!! Here is my set-up

- via the web site I can administer my set-up. I see the "parents" and 2 "children". The 2 children have a "!" sign.  When I click on one of them it gives the correct data BUTit says that "no device running NF were found"

- on the Android phone, I can start the NF app. In "child" mode I see all the rules. In "Parent" mode (with the same use login than on the internet page of course) I see the correct "child" profile. No phone is found there !!!!

Issue 1 : why is the phone not recognized ?

Issue 2 : it is impossible for me to remove NF from the phone !!! I tried to delete the child profile, to stay in parent mode, .... nothing worked.

Could you please help me as both my children phones are now locked & it is impossible to uninstall. Tx a lot !


Accepted Solution

Re: Norton Familly : Impossible to unsinstall from Android

I finally found the solution (and it was easy as documented by Norton).

Just go to security and disable Norton as Administrator of this device.

This doesn't solve the fact that the devices are not recognized but at least it is now deinstalled.


Re: Norton Familly : Impossible to unsinstall from Android

Hi Pdlc,

Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear it worked.  Just in case others who might have the same question, I'm including two links on how to uninstall/reinstall Norton Family.





Thanks Katie

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