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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family Android: how to "disable any other browser and the YouTube app "

Android smartphones, typically have a default, pre-installed browser (additional others like Chrome, Firefox, etc. can be added afterwards). The YouTube app is often pre-installed. In a unrooted Android device, it is not possible to uninstall factory pre-installed applications.

I now refer to the description of Norton Family at Google play which mentions: "IMPORTANT NOTE: Please disable any other browser and the YouTube app so that your children’s activity can be monitored."

Could you please clarify what exactly you mean by "disable any other browser and the YouTube app"? Which browser(s) should be disabled and how? Where does the word "other" refers to? (if so, which browser will the user be using?) Also, how to disable the YouTube app"?  (if so, how will the user be viewing YouTube videos?).




Re: Norton Family Android: how to "disable any other browser and the YouTube app "


Norton Family for Android currently supports the following browsers, so "other" means those browsers are not in the list.

  • Android Browser
  • Google Chrome for Android
  • Norton Identity Safe Browser

For details, please check the link for system requirements: https://family.norton.com/familysafety/help.fs?action=sysRequirements

Norton Family currently monitors YouTube videos on PC and iOS devices, not yet for Android devices yet.  

As for your question "how to disable the YouTube app", please google the phrase something like "how to disable youtube app on android", you will get plenty of results on the subject.  If you are a premier Norton Family user, you can go to House Rules -> Apps and block YouTube app. 



Thanks Katie

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