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Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

Norton Family or Andorid is useless!!!

There is a on/off setting in Android setting starting Android 5.0 to turn off Norton Family monitoring. The child can just turn it off whenever he wants. This setting is available at Android user level.

Why Norton Family does not make every parent aware this problem before we purchase??? My child found this out before me.

Another major problem is that I can block an app but cannot unblock it. Once blocked, unblocking will not work. Why is that???

This is pretty much a piece of useless SW. Whoever in charge of this product within Norton should be let go, period.

Please do not send me any email on "helping debugging". These are problem on server side. Pretending to help does not work.



Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

I have the same feeling

This software should allow me more time to work on other things not make me manage the kids device every day by completelly disabling the app or not.

It cant monitor anything that comes pre-installed with the OS, so if you have youtube, facebook and other browsers that came with the phone it wont monitor anything at all.

The time setting doest not allow time for individual apps and the settings wont work if you change the allowed hours either.



Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

Re: Locking apps/ Unlocking apps.  It is possible, but the phone needs to see the updated info, AND Be restarted!  Sometimes, you have to switch it on/off a couple times online, and then it will take on the phone.

You can use Norton App Lock (another software package) on the phone to restrict access to other applications...including pre-installed ones. This works well to restrict access to the play store, so they can't install new programs..


Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

MSum, could you send a picture of the on/off setting you are describing in your first problem?

The second issue about lock/unlock of apps, it's possible that the device is either out of data or not on wifi somewhere. Without connection back to our service, it's not possible to update policy that includes which apps to lock / unlock.



Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!


I am surprised that Norton is not aware of this "feature" which let kids turn off Norton Family monitoring at their will.

Under Android setting->accessibility, there is a toggle button to turn on/off Norton Family monitoring on the device. I believe this button is there starting Android 5.0.

Norton Family suppose to send out email when this setting is changed. But it never does. Neither there is any documentation talking about this. I found this out when Norton Family app got updated and it did a check and sent out an email.

I am having the following problems, all of them are appearing as server side issue:

(1) On one of my Windows 10 devices, time used is always showing 0, although Norton Family does block access when time limit is reached. I posted on this forum on this problem a while ago and one of the employee did confirm it was a server side issue. The problem got resolved only for a few days and came right back.

(2) Kids can turn off Norton Family monitoring under setting->accessibility. No email is sent. I worked around this issue by using an app to lock up the setting.

(3) Once an Android app is blocked, it cannot be unblocked. The Norton Family portal can show the apps are unblocked but on the phone they are still blocked. This is not due to the device being out of range or something like that, as blocking an app happens fairly quickly. I had to work around it by adding a new children profile and new device.

(4) Another software 101 bug: when the user delete something, make sure it is deleted. This is not the case with this piece of junk software. When a device is deleted from user side, the device profile is not deleted on the server side. When I try to reuse the device name, I got the old device profile back. So frustrating!

I am in high tech world also and I deal with similar issues every day. But I have never seen so many core features broken or being misrepresented. Norton Family is more like an alpha release product to me (after so many years on the market), and we are all paying $50 to be the tester.

Please give this feedback to Symantec management. All the problem I described above can be resolved with just a few engineers and a few days. Unless Norton Family is an outsourced product (please do not tell me it is true) which Symantec does not want to pay to get bug fixed.

I would like to see the following to happen:

- Have a LOCAL engineer verified the bugs and have them LOGGED. LOCAL project manager needs to be identified to follow up on the issues.

- Have a plan to fix them by a fixed date, not just say by next release.

- Identify QA engineers to have the fix tested. Educate related Symantec engineers that customers are paying customers, not SW testers.

- Once the bugs are fixed, announce it in this forum.

Am I asking too much? This is pretty much stand protocol in every high tech company!


Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

Hi @MSun,

Another major problem is that I can block an app but cannot unblock it. Once blocked, unblocking will not work. Why is that???

This issue should be fixed now.

Could you please check if its working fine and let me know?

Also could you please share the Android OS and device model details?

Mohanakrishnan G | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation

Re: Norton Family for Android is useless!!!!!

I have the same issues described by @MSun on 2 android phones. My English is too poor to describe what I think about the quality of this software. BTW. I would like to add that onboarding process was the worst I have ever had. After configuring it (over 2 hours) I have a software which is not working.

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