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The Norton Family app keeps disappearing and uninstalling from my son's Galaxy S9.

My son got a Galaxy S9 for Christmas. I installed the Norton Family app and had no problems with it until recently. The app keeps uninstalling each day. I have reinstalled it several times. I deleted the Spring Backup app as the Norton Mobile app advisor gave an alert that it was behaving oddly. I reinstalled the Norton Family again last night and checked that it was there this morning. It was there but was not sending data to the portal. I was able to update the House rules and received notification on the S9 that those were received. I do not know what could be causing this as it was not a problem when first installed on the phone. No other apps have been identified as concerns by the app advisor. Help.



Re: The Norton Family app keeps disappearing and uninstalling from my son's Galaxy S9.

Hi @TerrellS,

  • Can you kindly check if Device Administrator is activated on your child's device whenever the uninstall happens
  • Did you try uninstalling yourself any time soon after you installed? Did the uninstall protection work then?
  • If the aforementioned are verified, then Battery optimization might have killed Norton Family and hence uninstall protection may have not have worked
    • In your child's Samsung S9 device, go to Settings->Device Maintenance->Battery>Unmonitored apps. Find and add Norton Family
    • If you choose to use the "Mid" or "Max" power saving modes, enable "Background network usage"
    • Ensure that Norton Family monitoring is working as expected.
    • Block Settings app finally from house rules to ensure your child does not undo these steps.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team

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