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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family Blocks Wrong and Allows Wrong

Using Norton Family app on iOS, and using the "Safe Search". My child (age 7) searched for "Japanese Deer" (for research).

(a) There are ads (first off, why are there ads in a paid product??)

(b) The above ads are for Kijiji and Amazon.ca. Why are kids allowed there?

(c) Cannot get to a Wikipedia page on "Sika Deer". Norton Family won't go to the page.

(d) Shows results for YouTube which somehow are allowed. From there, can get to John Oliver and other videos that are not kid appropriate.

All within "Norton Family".

No extra sites have been whitelisted.

Please explain!!!



Re: Norton Family Blocks Wrong and Allows Wrong

Hi @mwhouser,

Thanks for the feedback. 

Based on our initial analysis, it seems, Ads are displayed by default in safesearch.ask.com and few links in their search results are not clickable. We are following up with the SafeSearch team and will get back with an update.

Norton Family Team.

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