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Norton Family Extension deleted from Chrome in child's account, Windows 10

My teenagers have deleted the Norton Family extension in Chrome under their accounts on my Win 10 machine.  It's very easy to do.  I would think there was a way to prevent this from every browser-savvy child when the software is installed.


  1. How do I reinstall it?
  2. How do I prevent them from doing that?
  3. How do I delete the Chrome guest user account so they can't browse unmonitored?

Thank you,




Re: Norton Family Extension deleted from Chrome in child's account, Windows 10

Hi KR,

Please open the below link in chrome and add Norton Family extension.


Now, open chrome, enable the extension, close the browser and relaunch once, after this, even if the extension is removed by the child, Norton Family adds the extension again .  Also Norton Family notifies the activity to the parent that the child has attempted removing the extension.

At present, there is no way to disable the guest login completely.  Please refer the below link from google on disable Guest mode in chrome browser.



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