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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family issues on Huawei android phone


I have installed Norton Family on two android phones. The first is a Motorola G6 Play. The second is a Huawei Honor Lite.

I am having ongoing issues with the Huawei phone. The Norton Family alerts are reporting that tampering has been detected:

  • Norton Family permissions disabled on your child's device. please re-enable to continue monitoring.
  • Accessibility for Norton Family has been turned OFF. It must be turned on for Norton Family to work.

I re-enabled the settings but they have been disabled again.  I know for certain that is is not the user of the phone that is doing this. I can only assume there must be something on the Huawei phone that is stopping the app from working correctly.

I have also been unable to monitor the Messages on the phone although I know messages have been received and sent.

I have no issues with the Motorola.

Please advise.



Re: Norton Family issues on Huawei android phone

Hi cromwell.4,
Thank you for sharing your observation. We will investigate this and update you as we have more information.

Thanks and regards,
Norton Family team