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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family & Norton Security on iOS

I have installed both Norton Family and Norton Security on my kid's iPad.

I now have 2 "devices" with the same iPad name in my list of devices in "My Norton":

  • One says Norton Family install, but Norton Security is not
  • The other says Norton family is not installed, but says Norton Security is installed

So my questions are:

1. Is this a bug in Norton Family and Norton Security?

2. If I have Norton Family installed, do I still need Norton Security?

3. Is having both installed redundant?

Thank you.



Re: Norton Family & Norton Security on iOS

Hi mwhouser,

Welcome to Norton Family forums!

In our initial investigation it appears that Norton Security and Norton Family are not aware of each other being present on the same device in "My Norton" which should not be the case ideally and that is possibly the reason for showing up as 2 devices. The device and child are protected though. We will investigate further from our end on why 2 devices show up in My Norton.

It is recommended that you have both Norton products on your child's device for security and child safety.

Best regards,

Norton Family team!


Re: Norton Family & Norton Security on iOS

Thanks Ashwin.

The other thing I noticed is that each creates its own VPN.

When "Norton Family" is used, the "Norton Family" VPN is switched to, and then "Norton Security" complains that the VPN is not setup correctly on the "Web Protection" page.

And then sometimes "Norton Security" VPN is activated (not sure what triggers it), but then "Norton Family" complains about it's VPN not being configured properly.

So they definitely fight over VPNs.

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