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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family Not Blocking Categories

I installed Norton Family on a Galaxy Tab A (2016) recently, but when I put "lingerie" in the Google search, even with safe search on, the related search results, with images, still show up. I can access the sites listed in the search without problems, even though "Lingerie" is a category I specifically blocked in the "House Rules".

I am residing in Singapore. So, I wonder if that has anything to do with the filtering. The Tab is set up to only surf via wifi on the home  fibre network.

The information of the Tab is as follows:

Model: SM-T285;

Android Version: 5.1.1;

Baseband: T285XXUOAPI1

Kernal Version: 3.10.65-8968674

SE for Android status:


Service provider: Singtel (I am in Singapore)

Please respond with help. I need this problem to be addressed. Thank you.