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Norton Family not blocking nor reporting on web activity

I just installed Norton Family on my Windows 10.  I logged on as the "child user" and visited a couple of "sites" that should have been restricted.  access was immediate with no warning.  I then added one of the sites to the restricted list.  still accessed the site with no problem.  I then went to the web activities page and found no evidence that I had gone out on the Inet.  all testing was with Chrome and I DID turn on the Chrome extension for Norton Family.



Re: Norton Family not blocking nor reporting on web activity

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  I, the parent, was just blocked from accessing my Gmail Account via Chrome.  I will need uninstall.  Let me know what you think.


Re: Norton Family not blocking nor reporting on web activity

Hi rosinlbeau,

If a parent doesn't want his Windows account get monitored,  he needs to use a different Windows user account than the one that is being monitored and used by the kid (Don’t associate your Windows account with monitored child’s profile online.  You can check this by 1. Log onto your NF online account and go to child Profile page to see if your Windows account and the child’s profile is connected, you will see checkbox or 2. Go to go to the laptop -> Norton Family icon in system tray -> Edit accounts)

Please check out the Get Started Help files to see if they help.



If you have any questions, please let me know.



Thanks Katie

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