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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family Not Showing All Apps

I've just started really using the Norton Family products to help limit by kids with what apps they use and when.  The problem I've encountered (just started using the product for a couple of days!) is that Norton family doesn't recognize all of the apps, downloaded or otherwise, on my kids devices.

I have educational apps downloaded on their tablets for them to use after school; as a reward, I want to be able to unlock the mindless fun games for them to play afterwards.

Norton doesn't recognize some of the games so that I can block them!  So my kids have unlimited access to them, and I cant stop them from using them.

Is there a way to resolve this?  Otherwise, I've wasted $50.00 on Norton Family, and will be seeking a refund.



Re: Norton Family Not Showing All Apps

Hi Cody,

Norton Family for Android currently provides option to block the apps downloaded.  For pre-installed apps,  there are few system apps that NF provides the block option to user, like Facebook, Messenger, etc.  Others pre-installed apps can't be blocked.

For the games that you try to block, did they come with the phone or they were installed on the phone later?

We are currently working on the feature which shows parent the system apps in such a way that parent can understand the risk when blocking them.



Thanks Katie

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