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Norton Family Parental Control is now Norton Family

[Updated on 10th December, 2018] 

Norton Family Parental Control is now Norton FamilyNorton Family v.1.8.2 has been released for iOS customers. 

Note: This is a phased release.

The changes in this build include:

  • End User License Agreement (EULA) screen image
  • App Icon
  • App Display Name
  • Inside App Name along with Life Lock Logo
  • Minor bug fixes

[Updated on 13th November, 2018] - Norton Family 1.8.1 has been released for iOS customers.

Changes in this build include:

•    Fixes for minor VPN issues
•    Other minor bug fixes

Note: This is a phased release


The latest Norton Family iOS Child App version 1.8.0 needs installation of VPN on the child's device. When VPN is running you will see a VPN symbol in the status bar. 

VPN provides protection across various browsers and apps. It blocks (or warns, as defined in the house rules) access to prohibited websites across browsers, and reports it to parents.


VPN shows notifications (iOS 10.0 and above) on the device in intervals when a site is warned or blocked.

  • Child will be allowed to visit the site when the supervision level is Warn
  • Child will be blocked with an "Internet disruption" when the supervision level is Block


VPN prevents apps from quietly accessing a prohibited website. As a result, parents may receive more alerts on the portal/parents app. These alerts are triggered by the apps internally in the background, and the child has no control in it.

E.g., if a child plays a game in the iOS device, and the game app quietly accesses a website that is prohibited as per the house rule, the app will fail to access the website and the parents will get notified.

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | NortonLifeLock