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This forum thread needs a solution.

Norton Family time supervising is not working with Huawei P9


I reposrted this item to Norton something like 9 months ago, but I did not hear any updates from Norton side or get it solved. 

So asking again, when Norton Family time suprvising is going to support Huawei P9 smartphone? Currently it can be setup like in other devices and SW is running, but it don't limit usage times and so on.

hopefully this will be addressed quickly.



Re: Norton Family time supervising is not working with Huawei P9

Hello all,

I believe, so far Huawei Android smartphones cannot be properly used with any parental control app. I have already tried two competitive products - neither could solve Huawei's Ultra battery saver issue - once this feature is activated (OS prevents from restricting access to it) any background app, including parental control, is stopped (I do not have in mind the Huawei Phone manager app's automatic optimization feature, which could be tweaked to bypass disabling specific apps). All what kids need to disable control, is simply switch the Ultra Battery saver function on and off (and they tend to figure that out pretty quickly). If any developer - say Symantec ;-) - could find a solution, I'd be glad to go for it. But so far all my research has resulted with the same - besides the apps which I tried myself, I've managed to google multiple forum/support posts concerning other similar products (including Norton Family) facing the same issue. The only reasonable solution would be to install an alternative OS, which does not have Ultra battery saver or with an option do disable/restrict it. But that would be too complicated for most of the users.

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