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Norton Family VPN Preventing Use of Cellular data on T-Mobile iphone

I have 3 iphone 6s phones that have Norton Family installed. Two are on a T-mobile plan and one is on Cricket (the Cricket phone works fine). The two on T-mobile can access the internet and utilize apps that use data ONLY while connected to wifi. When the phones are using the T-mobile network, the internet will not connect and apps do not work (ones that require the use of data). If I remove the VPN and uninstall Norton Family, the internet and apps work fine using the T-mobile network and data.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, gone to T-mobile and they say it's a Norton Family VPN issue. I called tech support and am waiting for a level 2 support person to call me back but I'm not certain they will be able to help me with this. I feel that it is a problem between T-mobile's data/software and Norton Family's VPN/software but I can't figure out a solution. Interestingly enough, the iphone on Cricket with the same software does not have these same issues so that's why I believe it is a T-mobile vs Norton problem.

Any help is appreciated!




Re: Norton Family VPN Preventing Use of Cellular data on T-Mobile iphone

Hello. T-Mobile, when using your data plan vice wifi, T-Mobile has to "sniff" your data. When it cannot it rejects it. This can be due to IPv4 not being used on mobile networks as they once were. Its too costly for carriers to support IPv4 vice IPv6. This article has related discussion on that. T-Mobile support CAN add a new IPv4 APN to your device if you request it. I would start there.


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Re: Norton Family VPN Preventing Use of Cellular data on T-Mobile iphone

I totally feel your pain.  We got our daughter an iPhone 6S for Christmas and installed the Norton Family on it, only to find out that we can't monitor her texts and many other features that we could when she had an Android.  That would have been really nice to know before hand.  Also, many of her apps no longer work, Snapchat being the main one.  She can't access or log into it at all.  The others seems to come and go.  If I uninstall Norton Family, everything works perfectly.  Reinstall Norton Family and everything craps out.  Not at all impressed with Norton Family.


Re: Norton Family VPN Preventing Use of Cellular data on T-Mobile iphone

Hi Buster_McGee,

With the latest release of Norton Family child app, we have introduced the ability to monitor websites visited from other apps using the VPN feature.

Kindly make sure "Social Networking" & "Online Chat" categories are allowed under your kid's Web House Rules on the Norton Family portal, for Snapchat or any other social networking/chat apps to work fine.

Please let us know if you still face any issues.

Thanks and Regards,

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