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Norton Family vs. Norton Core family controls

I installed a Norton Core router the other day and have setup all the people in my family and all the devices - and associated the devices with the people.  I've setup rules for time and certain sites to be blocked.

Now I'm messing around with Norton Family on a computer my son is using for school homework. It seems like Norton Family does the same thing as the Norton Core parental control software, but they don't seem to talk to eachother.

Which should I use?  If I use both, I'm concerned the rules will conflict.



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Re: Norton Family vs. Norton Core family controls

You are correct that they solve very similar problems, and you are also correct that they are not connected with respect to the profiles. The reason you would want both is that Norton Core can only protect your devices when you are in the home on the Wi-Fi, where as Norton Family will work outside of the home.

In the future we will be connecting the profiles so that users won't have to maintain both.


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