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Norton firewall blocking importation of iTunes on Sonos on Mac

I installed Norton Security (version 7.1) on my Macbook Air and when I try to import my iTunes library on the Sonos application, Norton blocks the operation. I have tried to modify the firewall but when I go to the settings, the firewall isn't even activated for applications. I have looked online for solutions, but they only seem to exist for older versions of Norton and for PCs. Does anyone know how to stop Norton blocking this operation? Thanks!



Re: Norton firewall blocking importation of iTunes on Sonos on Mac

1) Go to Applications. Open the "Symantec Remove Mac Files" folder and uninstall Norton Security from your Mac.

2) Update your Sonos music library.

3) Sign into your account here and re-download and reinstall Norton Security for Mac. Restore any special settings you had, run Live Update, do a scan, and you are all set.

Problem: you need to do this manual procedure EVERY TIME you want Sonos and iTunes to be able to share data so that Sonos can update its music library. The programs cannot auto-update because Norton Security for Mac will block it. Even unchecking Connection Blocking in the Advanced Settings of Norton Security will not allow this simple operation to take place.

It's a real pain, Norton. Please fix this bug in your software. It was never an issue with past iterations of Norton for Mac. (I'm using the latest version for Mac as of this date, 7.4.1.)

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