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Norton Firewall - Outgoing Connections are Redundant

I've read the postings here re: allowing Safari some lattitude with respect to outgoing connections.  However, I had about 50 of these and many were redundant listings in the log (ie, same time stamp, same app (safari), same service/port (web sharing 80), same remote host (...f10.1e100).  Why would the same connection be listed multiple times during an active session?  Plus, I think 50 tracking connections (as counted by NFirewall) is excessive, and wonder if this is normal activity?  I've tried blocking them in the past, but this just prevents my access to Google.


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Re: Norton Firewall - Outgoing Connections are Redundant

It's normal for some outgoing connections to be duplicated, especially if they are for something like Web browsing. When you visit a Web site, your Mac can make anywhere from 4-16 connections to the Web site, and leave them open for several minutes in case you click on another link. Each connection is retrieving images, scripts and other things on the Web site.  My machine right now has 83 outbound connections, including 8 alone for community.norton.com.

I wouldn't worry about it.

Ryan McGann Technical Director Norton Business Unit, Symantec

Re: Norton Firewall - Outgoing Connections are Redundant

Thank you for the thorough and timely reply.  Much appreciated.

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