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Norton Ghost 11.5.1(Not detecting external HDD to copy the image)

HP 1040 Folio G3 model. Trying to capture the image, but after going to Ghost screen, it cannot detect the external HDD. I tried legacy mode, changed all the settings on the laptop, but nothing helped. Hp saying Norton ghost isnt detecting it. Please help


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Re: Norton Ghost 11.5.1(Not detecting external HDD to copy the image)

Support for Ghost 11.x (ghost solution suite) is handled at the Symantec Connect forum, this Norton forum is for consumer products.

That said, you don't say how your trying to create the image.

If your doing this in DOS, try the option to create a DOS boot disc with USB support.  (I'm guessing your external drive is USB).  But keep in mind your not going to get very good USB support in DOS even with the USB support added)

For best results, create the windows pe boot disc, it will run in a win-32 environment and you should be able to access any drive that windows can.

A third option would be to simply run ghost32 or ghost64 and create the image in windows, ghost will use volume shadow copy and should be able to image the partition even if it's in use.

In the Documents folder of the installation CD you should find plenty of documentation on creating the different boot CD's or using the Ghost console.


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