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Norton Ghost 14 Incremental Recovery Point Problem

This program is a very dysfunctional program. I’m trying to back up 315GIG of information. When making an incremental recovery point you think the program would add just recent changes and keep the total recovery point size approximately close to the original recovery point, but instead it adds an entire new recovery point doubling the used space of the destination disk to 630GIG. Yes the setting in manage backup destination are correct. Then when trying to delete a previous backup recovery point it will not allow me to delete just one recovery point but only the entire set, this is the worst program I have used in my entire life in regards to backing up information.     



Re: Norton Ghost 14 Incremental Recovery Point Problem

Hello 1johndoe,

Have you tried limiting the amount of recovery points stored to just 1? If you do this, does it still create a second recovery point?

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