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Norton Ghost 14 & Vista Home Premium 64bit

Hi to all, 

I am wondering if anyone can help me to install the Norton Ghost 14 program to my computer?

As I bought the product today and when I put the disk in the drive and ran the installer, it all seemed to go well and I then rebooted the computer with the disk still in the drive. 

On the reboot the computer hung up and stayed on a Black screen, I then did a Reset of my computer and when it rebooted I got a Blue screen with an error message - System_Service_Exception.

The computer rebooted and I removed the disk, and then I got another Blue screen about Bad_Pool_Header. 

Finally I had to restart my computer with my Vista disk in place, so that I could un-install Norton Ghost 14. I managed to do this and I then did a System Restore to get my computer back to a decent state so I could use it. 

I have had a search around on the Symantec website, and I cannot find anything to help me with this problem. And how I can install Norton Ghost 14 on my computer, and if I have to disable anything for the installation? 

Thanks. Gary



Re: Norton Ghost 14 & Vista Home Premium 64bit


I re-tried this product with the help of an online Symantec advisor, and he got it installed. But upon rebooting i found the Desktop had changed for some reason, and after being shown how to change it back to what i had i rebooted again.

And i ended up with a combination of the following errors, everytime the computer rebooted.

Page_Fault_In _Non_Paged_Area


Windows Error Recovery Screen

And the final error screen that locked me out of my computer in both the Normal Log on & in Safe Mode.

The Group Policy Client Service Failed The Logon - Access Denied

And i had to use the Vista 64bit disk to boot to the Repair Vista, and then did a System Restore to get back into my computer.



Re: Norton Ghost 14 & Vista Home Premium 64bit


Before i send my copy of Norton Ghost 14 back for a refund, can i ask for some replies on this possible reason why i cannot get this program to work on my computer? Below is part of an e-mail i received from the gentleman that made the computer for me, when i mentioned about the problems i have been having with getting Norton Ghost 14 installed on my computer.

Ghost needs the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.x to be installed (I think I installed version 3.x) now this should get loaded automatically along with Ghost if its not already there. I’m wondering though if its either not installed .Net 2 or has not installed the 64bit version. May be worth checking to see if its listed under installed programs and if its not loading it manually before trying to reinstall Ghost again.

The MS link is here:http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=B44A0000-ACF8-4FA1-AFFB-40E78D788B00&displaylang=en 

You may then also need to install the .Net 2.x SP1http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=029196ED-04EB-471E-8A99-3C61D19A4C5A&displaylang=en 

Now i have tried to follow the instructions as above and the results are as below, in the reply that i sent to him about his.

From your links below I have tried to install the Framework programs that you have mentioned, the results are as follows: Image NetF2_basic is the download from the first link you sent below, and it shows that this program is already installed on my computer. Image NetF2 is the other download from the second link, and this one says that it is not supported by Windows Vista. Now it has got me to thinking (yes it hurts to do that....LOL), as you have said that you have installed version 3.x. And I am now wondering if the Norton program needs the Net 2.0 SP1 version for it to work? And seeing as it is not supported on my operating system, this may cause the Norton Ghost 14 program to have the problems that I have been having? And that the Norton program cannot use the 3.x version yet? Because Vista has stepped over the SP1 version to only work with the 3.x one?

Pictures of the images mentioned in my e-mail reply above.

[IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v358/Johkaz/NetF2.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v358/Johkaz/NetF2_basic.jpg[/IMG]



Re: Norton Ghost 14 & Vista Home Premium 64bit

Hi Gary, am sorry to say I have no idea why you are having so much trouble installing Ghost 14 on Vista 64 as it installed perfectly for me and has been running trouble free for some months.

It was awhile ago now but the only thing I can recall is that I had to remove Norton Internet Security and run the Norton cleanup tool before installing Ghost and then re install NIS afterwards. Other than that I had no problems with tinstallation or the .net framework.


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