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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Norton Ghost 14 in Windows 10 64 bit

I already installed on a mini laptop (windows 10 64 bit) Norton ghost 14 without problems. After installation I could use the recovery disk and could easy find the image.

Now on my personal laptop (windows 10 64 bit) I also had no problems to finish the installation and creating an image.

By using the recovery disk everything was running fine till had to use the mouse and / or keyboard…the don’t work.

So I was not able to select “recover computer” nor select “the image”.

I did several changes in the bios(uefi) without results.

Help ?



Re: Norton Ghost 14 in Windows 10 64 bit

Norton Ghost 14 is not compatible with Windows 10. Instead of gambling on software designed for 3 OS versions prior, use something that is designed for Windows 10.


Re: Norton Ghost 14 in Windows 10 64 bit

Thanks for your quick reply and your probably right.

But I had the same remark when I was going (many years ago...) from XP to Windows 7 64 bit. Here also all comments were going in the same direction: not possible...I can assure you that even today, everything still turns freely in Windows 7 (8 years old Sony laptop) and also Windows 10 (mini laptop Asus). On that laptop I don't have the mouse and keyboard problem that In encounter on my last Asus laptop (Windows 10 64 bit).

So, telling that it isn't compatible...why on one laptop it running without problems and on the other (also here running normally till I need the mouse or keyboard to accept "symantec agreement" (but working by clicking the "A") and coming at the screen to start "recover" the computer...and choose the correct image. But here it stops, I really need mouse or keyboard.

So the image exists...


Re: Norton Ghost 14 in Windows 10 64 bit

The motherboard is probably to new. The version of Windows PE included with the Ghost 14 SRD probably has no drivers. Maybe you could build a new SRD using WinPE 3 ?




Re: Norton Ghost 14 in Windows 10 64 bit

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