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Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

Hey team - I've recently needed to restore my boot drive (Win 7 Pro SP1 with all security updates, Acer i3 32-bit ) and discovered that the backup sets are not readable by the Ghost Recovery Disk (ED800012 errors).

Short story and to the point:

How do I ensure the System Recovery Disk software from Norton is going to read the recovery points off of known good backups?I've spent three days getting this system back to work and can't afford to do that again. (Or, should anyone want to suggest a different, more reliable backup system for 32bit Win 7 i3 machine?).

I get two errors that I would like to avoid:

  • Of course the ED8000012 errors - crazy those are showing up in the recovery environment only
  • "Backup set was created while system was heavily loaded" (or something to that effect). Both the SRD and Windows GUI environments provided that warning. I have no idea if it is part of the root cause or what.

Long story with all the gory details and insanity:

  1. Ghost 15 has been diligently backing up the drive per my specs: 1x/wk full, 1x/day incremental, delete after three fulls.
  2. I back up to an external SATA2 drive.
  3. I can see the recovery points while in the Windows GUI, and can initiate a Recover Computer with the backup set targeting the boot drive.
  4. As expected, I'm directed to put in the Recovery Disk, which boots and (not as expected) throws a "Cannot recover automatically...please recover manually" error
    1. (Full error/warning disclosure: Norton also throws a "This backup was done while the system was {under duress} - my words - something to the effect it was operating in a busy environment.)
  5. I navigate to Recover Computer and it finds the various backup sets but throws ED800012 errors on every backup set on the external drive
  6. I ran chkdsk on the drive and it found numerous errors, which it fixed (including orphaned files, and a variety of indices out of whack - worrisome that the backup drive was screwed up at all - but see point 2. above, I was still able to start the restore from within the Windows GUI after fixing the errors (I've been through this loop at least 10 times by now)).
  7. While still in the Recover Disk, I find a really old backup set from 15 months ago (on a different internal drive) and that restores exactly as expected. But I can't abide by a 15 month old backup, and no route would lead me to restore the one from 24 hours ago.

Luckily I have a separate drive with sufficient space to capture the backup set, so I went back into the Windows GUI and did a custom restore to the targeted drive,which completed without a hitch. My intention was to boot from the restored boot drive and recover to the original boot drive using the Windows GUI that works.

  • But I wasn't out of the woods. Norton was confused (specifically "cannot connect to backup service" showed up.) After many false leads, I read the error logs and noted that Norton was looking at the original boot drive MBR and couldn't make sense of it in the context of the restored environment.
  • And, after many attempts, finally got the system to get the restored drive's MBR fixed, Norton looking at it and am now restoring the original drive from the last good backup of a few days ago.
  • And everything is as it was as of three days ago.

I'm not prepared to abandon this particular machine, so am hoping I can get Norton to behave itself and be the super-hero I need during the times I need it most.



Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

It sounds like you finally got things sorted. But you should be aware that Norton Ghost has been discontinued, and not supported since 2013. See this post.  https://community.norton.com/en/forums/norton-ghost-has-been-discontinued

Maybe time to shop around for another solution.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

@peterweb. Thank you for taking the time to read through my tale. Two questions remain: what other solutions are good alternatives for a Win 7 32bit machine (no chance of upgrading)? And Has anyone on this forum experienced a failure of the SRD to read a recovery set that the GUI reads perfectly well (and what did you do to fix it)?

Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

How is the external drive connected? The Ghost 15 SRD is based on Windows PE 2 (Vista). It does not recognize USB 3. Try using a USB 2 drive or preferably an internal drive. Always verify recovery points after creation.


Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

Thanks @redk9258. The external drive is connected via eSata.

As I've tried to explain in the note: all recovery points appear perfectly okay and actually work perfectly okay when accessed by the Windows GUI. However, only a very few recovery points (from over 400 days ago) are accessible when booting from the SRD. The most recent ones are not. I have no problem accessing the drive from the system prompt using the SRD, or running chkdsk on the drive. In other words, the drive protocol is not the issue here. 

Thanks again.


Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

Maybe a chipset driver issue? eSATA is basically the same as an internal drive, right? I have a batch file that will build the Ghost SRD on Windows PE 3 (Windows 7). Maybe it would be more compatible.



WinPE 3.1...


I was not sucsessful building it on WinPE 4.


Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

Okay Team - some additional information about the Ghost 15 System Recovery Disk failure to behave correctly.

  1. A correction: the backup drive is not connected via eSATA - it is an internal drive connected via SATA, just like all of the others.
  2. The backup drive is 4TB.

Here's what I've done:

  1. I uninstalled Norton completely and reinstalled it clean
  2. I removed all previous recovery points (yikes!) and set up completely new backup settings
  3. I ran the system disk backup immediately
  4. I re-created the System Recovery Disk
  5. I tried the System Recovery Disk with exactly the same results:
    1. It discovered the set of recovery points from last year that were saved to a different disk from the back up disk
    2. It didn't autodiscover the recovery point I just created
    3. When I browsed to the recovery point, it threw exactly the same errors (but the backup drive did not have file errors from chkdsk as before)
  6. I tried the GUI and it found all recovery points - both on the backup drive and the ones from a year ago.

I have no explanation for why this is behaving this way except:

  • Could the disk be too large for Norton's understanding?

I'm trying two more experiments and then I don't know what to do, except keep a system image some other way. Really stupid.


Re: Norton Ghost 15 Recover Disk throws ED800012 error

I suspect a driver issue. Your hardware is much newer than Ghost 15, right? You could use 7-Zip to extract the files from the SRD that are needed** to a flash drive. Then, Boot from a WinPE 3.0 (Windows 7 32-bit) and launch the recovery application (V2iSR.exe) from the command prompt. If this works, Build an SRD on WinPE 3.

** [SOURCES\BOOT.WIM\Windows\Shell\]

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