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Norton Ghost 15, starting at boot up

I have just uninstalled a software on my PC, somehow the uninstallation has caused my Norton Ghost 15 to not start at bootup. I have gone into Task pull down in Options and the Show system tray icon is checked and so are the items below it. I unchecked them and saved, then rechecked them and saved. This does not fix the starting up at bootup. Also when I manually start ghost the tray icon does not showup. Can I fix this without uninstalling and reinstalling Ghost?

Thank you.



Re: Norton Ghost 15, starting at boot up

Are your backup occuring as they normally did? If not, when you launch Ghost manually, can you kick off a backup manually?


Re: Norton Ghost 15, starting at boot up

You could try running the fixinstall.bat file or do a repair install.

Also check to make sure this registry key exists...

64-bit  HKLM:Run    Norton Ghost 15.0    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Norton Ghost\Agent\VProTray.exe"


32-bit  HKLM:Run    Norton Ghost 15.0    "C:\Program Files\Norton Ghost\Agent\VProTray.exe"

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