Norton Great products ((Allow us to determine what we need only))


So far, I have no issues with Norton, of course, except that something goes wrong every now and then.

So, we go through the steps we receive and follow the instructions Norton provides. The worst thing to re-do the whole thing again is the process of installing and re-installing it can get very frustrating.


1) for me personally, I'd like to use what works for me and not to be forced to use something I've even tried and it's just not working but I use something else, or it could be that I don't need it altogether.

I keep what I need Norton 360 premium and Norton utilities. ((Perfect and wonderful for me))

Now I do not want to be forced into using the Norton password manager (which I had a horrible run with) it almost cost me too much money due to the wasted time and hours to get this thing to work and stop having conflicts with like google automatically in chrome saves your passwords, furthermore the same with Microsoft edge (good enough to keep up with all these passwords) why do you guys force us to install these extensions that we do not need or maybe prefer what we had for years and worked fine?

Finally, this new product and the aggressive marketing strategy techniques to push this cookie tracker.

AKA (Anti Track) thank you, but I do not need it nor want it at least as of today. In the future, once it improves who knows I might consider it. just not now. 

Please understand the purpose of this post or comments. It's nothing more than my humble opinion and my personal feedback with the intention to deliver some constructive feedback or criticism based on my actual and subjective experiences to further build you up and help you improve even further than you thought you could. Frankly, we all know even for my own myself there's always room to grow given the fierce competition competitors out there. Well, thank you for everything and I really do hope you consider giving us the users a little bit more freedom to choose and customize what we need accordingly. Keep up the excellent work. 

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