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Norton Halt 5.0 Update Release

A new updated version of Norton Halt has been released recently to Google Play Store. With this release, Norton Halt now protects your device against two major security risks discovered recently:
Master Key Exploit:
Master Key malware hijacks installed apps, turning them into malicious Trojan that can read your emails, SMS and documents, access stored passwords and use the device itself to make and record arbitrary phone calls, send SMS messages, and use the device's camera. Infected devices can be used to steal user data or to create a mobile botnet.
Lock Screen Bypass Exploit:
The first exploit may grant full access to your device by disabling the PIN/password/pattern challenge feature. Once disabled, the challenge screen does not come back unless the smartphone is restarted. This exploit primarily affects Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 Mini, and Galaxy Note II smartphones. The second type of lock screen exploit may grant momentary access to the home screen or any application running in the foreground from the emergency dialer or the emergency contacts screen when your device is locked. This exploit primarily affects Samsung Galaxy S2's, S3's and Note II smartphones.
Install the updated version of Norton Halt on your Android device and keep it protected. Enjoy!!!