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Norton has Altzheimer's?

I have to tell this bloody thing to "Never ask me again" every week!

I don't know what they think 'never' means over at Norton, but I think they should look it up in a dictionary.

I have it set up how I like it. I have paid for this crap for a decade now and I don't want to be bloody bothered by it, as if it was a piece of bloody malware itself!


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Re: Norton has Altzheimer's?

4. What's new in Norton

  • Safe Web promotion campaign will now include “Don’t remind me again” option to snooze the UI alert permanently until uninstall/reinstall - this fixes the issue from past versions, where we used to put the product back in red state by default after 7 days.

Please review: https://community.norton.com/en/blogs/product-update-announcements/norton-security-2219963-windows-now-available