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Norton has been nothing but aggravation since I paid for it.

If there is any way to help me, I would be very grateful.

I am bombarded with stupid messages telling me that my most common apps like those from Adobe and Apple are attempting to use the internet. 'Don't warn me about this app again' doesn't work, and neither does 'Don't tell me about Apple approved apps'. Switching Norton notifications off in my system preferences doesn't work - it appears to have found a way of by-passing Apple's system software, which is worrying; and even switching them off in the settings doesn't make any difference.

I am preparing a presentation for a memorial service of a close family member from this computer. Yet every time I get part-way into running it, another notification pops up and the Keynote app disappears from the screen after I click to accept. It even had the cheek to tell me  that Keynote itself (an Apple app) was trying to use the internet this afternoon. I cannot have that happening in the middle of the service - but I have no idea how I can stop it as it seems to force its way past every block I put on it.

This is the first time I have used a security product for years because I was of the opinion that they are all designed for PCs and don't enhance the Mac one iota. This has confirmed my opinion.