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Norton Hotspot Privacy on iOS

My wife is having problems with NHP on her laptop (502 Bad Gateway) and her iPhone (no connection to Internet).

The laptop was easy enough to fix, just disconnected NHP, and Internet is working fine now.

The iPhone is a much bigger problem.  When I try to "Sign Out" it says it cannot connect to server.  How do I turn off NHP so she can get to the Internet on her iPhone??

Thanks for your help.



Re: Norton Hotspot Privacy on iOS

Norton Hotspot Privacy started letting my wife get to the Internet again on her iPhone late yesterday afternoon, but it went out again today when she was at work.  It was back working again when she got home, so I uninstalled NHP while the server was reachable.

I wouldn't mind the NHP servers going down nearly as much if there was a way to disconnect NHP on an iPhone when the NHP servers are not reachable.  From what I have been able to find out, you just have to do without the Internet until the NHP servers are reachable again.