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Norton icon suddenly on desktop

Some days ago Norton 360 suddenly showed its icon on my desktop (after restart) and the old Norton icon in the bottom windows toolbar had been disabled. I normally associate sudden desktop icons with virus attacks or similar but could it be the Norton software which just had an automatic update installation?

Just before this happened I had two virus attacks which were detected and repaired during a full system scan. Therefore I was extra suspicious when I noticed this. However, can I be sure that Norton 360 catches all traces of a virus in my computer and nothing is left behind to interfere and do something like described above?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Re: Norton icon suddenly on desktop

Hello above87

Your N360 was updated to version via live update and then you were requested to reboot. That update did result in having a new Norton icon put onto your desktop. The old one did become useless and the new one took over. That is all normal and how it happened. You can delete the old non-working icon from your desktop. Left over remnants if there are any did not do this to your computer.

If you want to make sure your computer is still clean, you can do a on demand scan with the free version of Malwarebytes. If there are any leftovers of the viruses that should clean them up. Here is the information about the FREE version of Malwarebytes. Please post a log after it is completed.

Download the free version, install and update then run a FULL scan. After the scan completes you should post the logs back to this thread.

You can find Malwarebytes here


It is a safer location to get the program from than malwarebytes themselves because some malware creators have large lists of sites that they block. Please be careful to down load the correct program ----the FREE version of MALWAREBYTES

(Thanks to Delph for providing the alternative site)

What were the virus attacks that were found and repaired earlier?

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