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Norton Ideas Frequently Asked Questions

A new section of the Norton Forums is now available: NORTON IDEAS! We want to know the great ideas you have for our Norton products. Please submit your suggestions to this new area so other customers can vote for them, ask questions about them, and our Product Team can review them. Your idea might become a new feature in the next version of a Norton product!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Norton Ideas work?
1) A forum member submits a NEW IDEA to improve Norton products
2) The Norton product development team reviews it and updates the status
3) Other forum members give kudos to the ideas they like, and discuss the idea with other members and the Norton product development team

What information should I add to my idea?
We want to know your ideas in your own words, so write a detailed description of your idea. Below are some suggestions on information to include:
- The Norton product that will use this idea
- How this idea provides a benefit to customers, or resolves existing difficulties for customers
- An example of how this idea will work
- As many details as possible, including screenshots and graphics when applicable

How can I find if my idea has already been submitted by someone else?
You can SEARCH the Ideas pages for keywords of your idea, to see if someone may have already suggested it. If you find that someone else has posted it already, let the author know that you like the idea: give it a KUDOS or add a COMMENT.  If you don’t find it in your search, please add your idea.

How do I know if my Idea has been reviewed by the Norton Team?
Within a few days of posting your Idea, a member of our team will review it and change its STATUS. Sometimes this status will include a comment, asking for additional information from you.  Please include as many details as possible, so we can clearly understand your idea.

If my idea that is included in a future Norton product, will I be compensated?
If your idea is included in a Norton Product, we will notify you in the Norton Ideas area. However, we will not provide any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for your ideas that are implemented in Norton Products. Please review the Terms of Service for more information on this subject.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation