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Norton Identity Safe - 64 Bit Compatibility


I am new here but have been in SW product development a LONG time.  I have read the official supported browser versions for the Norton safe are all 32 bit versions on this site, and as stated in the specs. Let me ask a different question,  because I LOVE this app/functionality.  Seems like this is the one question that has not been asked/answered on this forum.

So, when is Norton planning on releasing a 64 bit compatible version of the extension?  

Why? It keeps me sane managing many personal accounts for my family.  I travel a lot, and not having the browser extension functioning has added a lot of time working from the Norton Safe Web UI (OK, but not as good as the extension). I prefer to use my laptop when I can because I am not a fan of phone apps for managing all of my finances (screen is just to small for some of the account screens I access like banking websites).

I will stay with the product for a while, since I do use it, full app, and have ALL of my accounts in it, trust the security, and hope that the web searches within the app continue to improve.  Overall, the web suite is mostly reliable and crashes have been reduced over the past 2 years within the app.  

I know releases are tough to predict, but any indication Norton is working on this compatibility would be nice to confirm!



Re: Norton Identity Safe - 64 Bit Compatibility


I know that Norton Security is out with 64 bit. I would think that would be the whole program. I am 64 bit, but I don't use the Vault and I use IE 11 and Win 7.

 What operating system, which product and version, and which browsers please?


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Re: Norton Identity Safe - 64 Bit Compatibility

There is some support for 64 bit browsers. If you have the installers, just go ahead and install the browser and try to install/activate  the Norton extensions.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: Norton Identity Safe - 64 Bit Compatibility

I use the 64 bit version of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Edge in Windows 10 and Norton ID Safe is compatible with all of the browsers. 

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