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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Norton Identity Safe close when i close Edge


Norton Identity Safe close each time i close Edge. When i run Edge , NIS close , and it need to open it again.

I guess it happens cause Norton Identity Safe opens on Edge via internet not via Norton Security on my pc as like Google Chrome or IE 11 that the problem doesn't exist. Also i guess it happens cause many users use only Identity Safe without some Norton Antivirus. 




Re: Norton Identity Safe close when i close Edge

An annoyance, to be sure!

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Re: Norton Identity Safe close when i close Edge

It was designed that way for security. Norton is looking at the possibility of updating the extension and give us a choice to leave it on but don't know if or when.


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Re: Norton Identity Safe close when i close Edge

It is more than an annoyance; it is a royal pain in the buttocks. I have been a faithful and dedicated use of Norton Products since I purchased my pc in 2005. This is totally ridiculous. First you have to sign into your Norton Account every time you load your browser and that takes forever to load or sync or what ever it does. Then you have to sign into Identity Safe on top of that. So far this morning I've had to sign in 5 times.

It is worse than before it was fixed for Google Chrome. However, I did learn with Chrome to go to my taskbar, open Norton 360, go to Identity, and open Identity Safe. Then, close 360 window and just minimize Identity safe window to the taskbar. That way when ever I open new browser in Edge and I have to log into a page Identity Safe is just a click on the taskbar. Of course you are stuck with copying/pasting in order to log in. But it sure beats waiting for the Norton Account page to finish doing what ever it is up to; and I do not have to sign into anything every time I open a browser.

Now that Chrome has been fixed I do not have to go through all that. Sure hope they fix Edge soon. I am getting to like Edge, but when it comes to paying bills and/or shopping on line for now it is back to Chrome.

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Re: Norton Identity Safe close when i close Edge

This feature(multiple sign-ins) makes NIS unusable. It is ridiculous.  

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