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Norton Identity Safe for Mac

I posted this a year ago but no one replied (other than to request me to move the thread from the Toolbar/IDSafe to Mac forums). I would like to know why Norton Identity Safe was pulled from Mac and whether there are plans to return it to the Mac. Below are the reasons I think it's important to return it to the Mac.

(1) Even if Apple has KeyChain on iCloud now, why not continue support for OS X to give users another option?

(2) Despite having KeyChain on iCloud, many users have numerous passwords already in IDSafe. Thus requiring them to re-enter them all into iCloud.

(3) REDUNANCY! KeyChain has already deleted all my passwords once. I've also had issues with losing bookmarks due to iCloud. On occasion Norton Identity Safe also had issues with syncing properly and thus losing password entries. Having two password managers provides redundancy to prevent loss of dozens, if not hundreds of passwords! Why not provide this option?

(4) Why have a password manager that syncs over the cloud available to all your devices except your Mac? This makes accessing these passwords from one's Mac tedious and complicating.

Please reconsider bringing back Norton IDSafe for OS X.

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Re: Norton Identity Safe for Mac

As someone who has to work across both Windows, Mac OS and iOS platforms, Norton's lack of support for Mac OS forces me to use LastPass rather than Norton Identity Safe for my password management.  This doesn't make a whole lot of sense, especially when most other security suites' password managers work on Mac OS, including Kaspersky, TrendMicro, Webroot, McAfee, Avast and others.

A glaring omission that needs to be corrected in order to make Norton on par with its main competitors.

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